Anne Elliott Interview

June 15th: Don’t miss this interview with Anne Elliott from Homeschooling Torah. Anne will discuss the importance of training up the next generation of Yeshua-loving and Torah-keeping children, using the Scriptures as the primary textbook.

Anne and her husband Kraig have seven children, from age 21 down to 7. They live in Michigan where they homeschool their children, write curriculum, and are starting a local Sabbath fellowship. Kraig is a former public school teacher, administrator, and counselor, as well as a former Baptist pastor. They began keeping Torah about ten years ago, as YHVH opened their eyes to the realization that the entire Bible applied to them and they were grafted into the people of Israel.

Anne’s passion is to prepare an entire generation of Torah-keeping children for return to the Land of Israel. She firmly believes in the truth of 2 Timothy 3:14-17, that knowledge of the Scriptures will prepare our children for every good work, in a way that secular and modern educational methods never could.

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