P8: ReBUILDing the Living Stones Tabernacle

Nitza continues on the benefits of sleeping on 100% Flax LINEN SHEETS and its properties. While the benefits, especially the charging frequency energy, of linen sheets are for everyone including those who are healthy and may just feel down or have an occasional cold and is a great refresher offering a good night’s sleep; EVEN MORE SO — 100% linen flax linen sheets may be especially beneficial for those who are paralyzed, immobile or bed ridden for any length of time.

Young and old alike who are recovering from illness, surgery or are on long-term bed rest will want to know the benefits of linen sheets. Even an expecting mother assigned to the bed due to a complicated pregnancy and her preemie/newborn baby, who has enough to overcome to catch up with the world around him, may benefit from being surrounded with LINEN sheets.

Linen sheets, curtains, head bands/coverings, scarves, and garments are all beneficial to filter out airborne particles from the skin, while reducing static, yet, providing heat and cooling properties.

Listen to this podcast and check out the article WHY 100% FLAX LINEN SHEETS?! for more information and how you can get a FREE spool of 100% Flax Linen sewing thread. After all, you spend 6 – 12 hours a day in bed – and that could be on 100% flax LINEN SHEETS sewn with 100% cotton or linen thread!