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G-d Week 2015: His Name is in SHeMeN (Essential Oils)

His name is in Shemen
Messianic LAMB Radio sets apart 1 week each year to just talk about G-d, Elohim, YHWH, YeHuWaH!

This year, G-d Week became a 3-Day Virtual Conference with over 39 teachers and many praise and worship singing artists to feature the theme to PRAY, PRAISE and PROCLAIM Elohim!

This 2015 radio show features the teaching Nitza (Remnant Remedy and Living Stones Tabernacle.org) did based on her article HIS NAME is in SHeMeN which is posted in two parts and was featured in the Remnant Ramblings Newsletter (11/6/15 & 11/15/15).


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14B: Preparation Skills for the Remnant Bride

Join Nitza Moshe along with her special guest, Suzette Robinson as they continue discussing resources and a preparation checklist with common sense practical ideas for you and your family to consider as you prepare to endure economic collapse and tribulation.

Part 14B covers the following topics: Midnight Gardening, Miracle II, Mirrors for Signaling, Resources for Home-made Power (Knowledge Publications), Mouthwash and Toothpaste, M.R.E. and C-RATS Meals, Multi-Tools, Mung Bean Sprouting, Sewing Needles, and Oils Lamps.

Be sure to get Suzette’s FREE power point, RESOURCE LIST and EMERGENCY CHECKLIST @ www.paintedtongue.com so you can review them as we cover the material in this PREPARE THE BRIDE SERIES!

For more information on REMNANT REMEDY’S FIRST AID Therapeutic Essential Oil Kit, Doulton British Berkfeld Gravity Fed Water Filtration Systems, EMF Bio Shields for your SMART METER, cell phone, laptop, house and personal body — go to www.RemnantRemedy.net. Be sure to sign up for our REMNANT RAMBLINGS Newsletter for info and special subscriber discount announcements!

Be sure to sign up for our REMNANT RAMBLINGS Newsletter for info and special subscriber discount!  Visit our blog @ www.LivingStonesTabernacle.org.

Disclaimer: Be sure to read Basic Safety Rules for Using SHeMeN and do your own research in regards to SAFETY USE of essential oils (from several different sources). Do NOT ingest essential oils without doing your own research and taking responsibility for your health. This was recorded in 2013 and may have references to ingesting essential oils. We do NOT advise you take them internally without consulting a health professional and after being properly evaluated.