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G-d Week 2015: His Name is in SHeMeN (Essential Oils)

His name is in Shemen
Messianic LAMB Radio sets apart 1 week each year to just talk about G-d, Elohim, YHWH, YeHuWaH!

This year, G-d Week became a 3-Day Virtual Conference with over 39 teachers and many praise and worship singing artists to feature the theme to PRAY, PRAISE and PROCLAIM Elohim!

This 2015 radio show features the teaching Nitza (Remnant Remedy and Living Stones did based on her article HIS NAME is in SHeMeN which is posted in two parts and was featured in the Remnant Ramblings Newsletter (11/6/15 & 11/15/15).


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Northwest Fires and Part 1: SHeMeN Extraction Methods of Essential Oils

Join Nitza as she discusses difficulties with Summer 2015 Northwest FIRES and attacks to Remnant Remedy ministry.  Thus, she discusses physical and spiritual fires.  Then she begins teaching on the different extraction methods of SHeMeN. i.e. essential oils.  Why it’s important to know the species of your essential oils, where they are grown and how they are extracted.

Battle of DaBaR: Response to an Australian Listener

In this episode of Remnant Radio, Nitza responds to a letter from a listener/brother in Australia who asked, “Why are EMFs, Linen and Essential Oils so Important to Know About?  What does the Living Word or DaBaR have to do with frequencies?”

SHeMeN 1 ~ Lost Treasure of Israel

SHeMeN Part 1 ~ The Lost Treasures of Israel. Nitza discusses how essential oils (SHeMeN) and linen (SHaySH) were prophesied to be taken away and are part of the lost treasures of Israel and how their ability to restore the body with their frequency is related to the vibrations/frequency of the Living Word in Genesis 1.

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