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Gene Porter: Commonwealth of Israel Conference Report

June 8th:  Gene Porter, Radio Producer of 2,730 Years . . . and Counting!  As a delegate to Jerusalem’s recent C.O.I. Conference (Commonwealth of Israel), Gene will bring us up to date and report on the GLOBAL DIMENSIONS OF THE STORY OF ALL ISRAEL!.  

Gene Porter has been involved in the Hebrew Roots movement, and particularly the Two House movement, since encountering Batya Wootten’s classic book, Who is Israel? (2003).  Since then, he has become more and more enmeshed in various organizations and activities related to the awakening of the sons of Ephraim to their true identity.  The immersion of such has culminated and has been expressed in his weekly radio shows which he has produced since 2011.  Gene’s current radio show is broadcasted on blogtalk radio on Thursdays @ 9am Mountain time.    

His far-ranging interviews with many and varied persons having to do with the end-time emergence of the House of 10-Israel have given him the blessing of becoming acquainted with individuals all over the world who have various viewpoints and understandings regarding this phenomenon.

To Air LIVE @ June 8, 2017 on  Live show will ne recorded and post in archive within 10 – 14 days after airing here at

Additional Radio Interview of Interest: POST COI Conference
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Ten Tribes Want to Return: Ephraim Letter Campaign

Join Nitza and her guests Bruce Brill (Israel), and Andrew Hodkinson (South Africa), Jamie Louis and Pastor David Mathews (Oregon) to discuss the Ephraim Letter Campaign to be presented to the Israeli Minister of Interior requesting permission to live in and establish a cooperative in the Land of Israel. Find out HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE or support this project by visiting the website Ten Tribes Want to Return.  (Aired LIVE – May 4, 2017)



Part 1: Coming Out of Egypt

Nitza Moshe with cohost Brooke Lounsbury (Health Begins at Home) discuss how SHAME and HONOR which was Scripturally designed for good is now shaping our society NOT for the good, especially in America.  Media is a powerful and effective modern day tool used to push the NWO agenda of promiscuity and perversion on us.  If we dont go along with the propaganda, we are considered to be “haters.”  Our youth are particularly under attack.  The internet and technology has infiltrated every nook of our lives and we have surprisingly become very comfortable with it. How do we unplug? What is the answer?  From ancient times until today, shame and honor were used to shape society and keep people on the straight and narrow path.  It was a powerful tool but the tide turned with the advent of “comforts.”  Today, we have more “leisure” time that consumes us and weaves a web around us with the web of technology — even when we try to “unplug.”  Nitza and Brooke will explore solutions to this dilemma and how to shield our families from the societal “norms.” Coming SOON!