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Battle of DaBaR: Response to an Australian Listener

In this episode of Remnant Radio, Nitza responds to a letter from a listener/brother in Australia who asked, “Why are EMFs, Linen and Essential Oils so Important to Know About?  What does the Living Word or DaBaR have to do with frequencies?”

EMF Bio Shields – Part 1

In addition to the beneficial frequencies of SHeMeN (essential oils) and LINEN, there are EMF Shields that help to balance the body’s cells to help optimize health and combat the harmful digitized technology that surrounds us!

 Nitza shares what EMFs are and the difference between beneficial and harmful (natural and unnatural) electro-magnetic fields that can cause havoc to the body’s cells and DNA and how Remnant Remedy has a new line of products as a solution to the problem of ElectroMagnetic Pollution!  Remnant Remedy now has EMF BIO SHIELDS for your laptop, cell phone, bluetooth, house and office, appliances, smart meter, and event pets!  These EMF Bio Shields, along with our Dual Laser Pointers are all encoded with over 200 beneficial frequencies for the body which help protect from the bombardment of harmful EMFs by reformating their energy into beneficial frequencies to help harmoniously balance the human body’s cells.

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EMF Bio Shields – Part 2

Nitza continues about EMF Bio Resonance Shields which have been imprinted with a broad field of frequencies that are harmonious and beneficial to the human body.  These shields have been tested to transform radio/microwaves, which stream out of appliances and cell phones, into balancing encoded energy waves that are designed to actually strengthen the body.  Cell phones emit disruptive electromagnetic signals that potentially can damage the human cell and deform DNA.

Studies have shown that EMFs disrupt brain waves causing stress, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle pain and more.  Remnant Remedy’s EMF Bio Shields are designed to resonate optimal health frequencies that reformat and soften artificial/harmful EMFs and radio waves.

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The FDA has not evaluated any of our products.  The information in our radio shows are NOT intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases and are for educational purposes only.

EMF Bio Shields – Part 3

Nitza interviews Jody as she shares her background and how Abba has prepared her for the design and invention of Remnant Remedy’s EMF Bio Shields. Bittersweet trials of helping her mother to overcome cancer via Gerson Therapy and her 4 year old daughter with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis were used to direct Jody on a path of studying and acquiring certificates of training in many modalities of natural health care and to open a wellness center. She discusses how arthritis can be rooted simply in a need to detox the body to harmful emotions.

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EMF Bio Shields – Part 4

Nitza interviews Jody as she shares that we are electrical beings created by YHWH. Topics include that many illnesses are rooted in unholy beliefs and attitudes including self judgment and bitterness and that emotions impact the blood and can be measured by modern testing equipment.  EMF Bio Shields are like wearing a continual health supplement!

For more information on how Abba made us using light to communicate from cell to cell, LISTEN to our ReBUILDing the Living Stones Tabernacle Series.  This is the foundation of forthcoming LINEN teachings in this series!

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EMF Bio Shields – Part 5

Nitza continues with Jody, inventor of Remnant Remedy’s EMF Bio Shields, as she discusses the warnings in regards to cell phone usage, including free radical damage to men’s reproductive system, brain cancer, and how small children should NEVER use cell phones. Israel is the first country to pass a law to mandate a warning on cell phones. Jody shares how her brother, after years of cell phone usage for at least 8 hours a day, died from brain cancer. Cellular affects can now be tested with modern technology. Further discussion includes how the EMF Bio Shields are encoded with over 230+ beneficial frequencies, using techniques derived from the scientific discipline of quantum physics. The EMF Bio Shields can be worn, or put into a pocket or under clothing, plugged into an electrical outlet or attached to computers, cell phones, bluetooth, microwave ovens, smart meters, wireless communication appliances in order to promote ideal resonance through the emitting balancing field.

EMF Bio Shields – Part 6

EMF Bio Shields & Dual Lasers encoded with 200+ harmonious & beneficial frequencies including the HEBREW language by using computer technology and quantum physics.  Frequencies include amino acids, cell salts, vitamins, minerals, color spectrum, essential oil, herbs — all designed to modulate or balance the human body as well as your pets and animals. Nitza finishes the interview with Jody discussing how the EMF Bio Shields and Dual Lasers which are encoded with beneficial frequencies including the HEBREW language using computerized technology and quantum physics and how they work.
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