EMF Bio Shields – Part 5

Nitza continues with Jody, inventor of Remnant Remedy’s EMF Bio Shields, as she discusses the warnings in regards to cell phone usage, including free radical damage to men’s reproductive system, brain cancer, and how small children should NEVER use cell phones. Israel is the first country to pass a law to mandate a warning on cell phones. Jody shares how her brother, after years of cell phone usage for at least 8 hours a day, died from brain cancer. Cellular affects can now be tested with modern technology. Further discussion includes how the EMF Bio Shields are encoded with over 230+ beneficial frequencies, using techniques derived from the scientific discipline of quantum physics. The EMF Bio Shields can be worn, or put into a pocket or under clothing, plugged into an electrical outlet or attached to computers, cell phones, bluetooth, microwave ovens, smart meters, wireless communication appliances in order to promote ideal resonance through the emitting balancing field.