Ways to Observe Yom Kippur Pt 1

Remnant Mama’s Nitza Moshe and Posey Salem discuss an ancient way to observe Yom Kippur im.

Remnant Mamas Nitza Moshe and Posey Salem begin their disscussion of making and wearing sackcloth for Yom Kippurim – Day of Atonement – Future Judgement Day.  This is a departure from the tradition of wearing white linen on this day but they feel it is more in keeping with the theme of afflict yourselves.  It is the Remnant Mama’s feeling that the white linen tradition belongs to Sukkot and the season of Joy.  For the broadcast notes go to: www.seektheancientpath.com also follow the blog there as Avi and Posey will be observing Yom Kippur in this way in 2011.