Category: ReBUILDING Living Stone Tabernacles

P9: ReBUILDing the Living Stones Tabernacle

Nitza wraps up the discussion on flax LINEN SHEETS along with CARE instructions for them. Check out on how to sterlize linen bandages. Nitza also shares about the need for the physical temple made from stones vs. the Living Stones Tabernacle that will be resurrected.

QUEEN and KING Linen Sheets are on SALE until June 8th. Also, contact us to order Single/Twin and Double/Full Sets!!! Don’t miss Part 1 podcast WHY LINEN SHEETS?! and the corresponding article posted @

Abba willing, Nitza will finish the ReBUILDing the Living Stones Series and get more in depth about Linen as this series is foundational to understanding how Abba made us and as to WHY LINEN?!