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How to Minister to Others & Keep Your Relationship with G-d?!

Join the crew as we discuss how one ministers to others full-time or part-time and still keep in sync with the Living God.  This is NOT just for pastors, teachers, radio producers, and other “ministry” persons but for everyone including men, women, children, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, sisters and brothers.  EVERYONE needs to minister to others and, YET, they need to keep in right intimate relationship with and minister to their CREATOR AND receive ministry back from His Spirit/Ruach.

2-Hour Special on Messianic LAMB Radio with Mark David Smith, Nitza Moshe, Gabriel Bartlett, Brooke Lounsbury, David Mathews, Leslie Ann, and Angie Howard

Part 1: Coming Out of Egypt

Nitza Moshe with cohost Brooke Lounsbury (Health Begins at Home) discuss how SHAME and HONOR which was Scripturally designed for good is now shaping our society NOT for the good, especially in America.  Media is a powerful and effective modern day tool used to push the NWO agenda of promiscuity and perversion on us.  If we dont go along with the propaganda, we are considered to be “haters.”  Our youth are particularly under attack.  The internet and technology has infiltrated every nook of our lives and we have surprisingly become very comfortable with it. How do we unplug? What is the answer?  From ancient times until today, shame and honor were used to shape society and keep people on the straight and narrow path.  It was a powerful tool but the tide turned with the advent of “comforts.”  Today, we have more “leisure” time that consumes us and weaves a web around us with the web of technology — even when we try to “unplug.”  Nitza and Brooke will explore solutions to this dilemma and how to shield our families from the societal “norms.”  OutOfEgypt.net Coming SOON!