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A Moment of Reckoning!

Join Nitza, Jamie Louis and David Mathews as they interview Bruce Brill of Israel.  Bruce made aliyah and pioneered the settlement of Tekoa, Israel.  Did you know that the English word “settler” is more accurately described, in Hebrew, as an “inheritor fulfilling G-d’s plan?”  BEFORE Israel became a nation Jews living in the Land were also called Palestinians and the word “settler” was not a politically correct “dirty” word.  In fact, the word “settler” would indicate that one was a colonizer bringing a different language to a new land — not a return of the land’s people and renewal of their language.  Thus, as prophesied in Scripture, Jews who returned were not colonialists — rather they were fulfilling prophesy.  Hear the haunting tale of Bruce sharing how he was an American serving in the U.S. Army and witnessed, just prior to the Yom Kippur War, the betrayal of the nation of Israel by misinformation given that caused 3,000 deaths to IDF soldiers.  The moment of reckoning and an awakening of who he really was became realized and he vowed to serve his people in their land; thus, Bruce made Aliyah.  Learn which American President was key to the survival of Israel during the war.

Learn about the differences of the Hebrew calendar by reckoning the moon and the long used Rabbinical calendar and how one Rabbi predicted that the day would come that there would need to be an adjustment near the time of the coming of the Moshiach.

Listen to the story of Bruce’s young son and his determination to serve as an elite Israeli Defense Force Soldier in the Land.  Particularly, his troop is defending and protecting Samaria which is the Land of Efrayim.  They humbly ask for your tangible support for his troop  who are guarding the Land of Efrayim in Samaria.  So, heads up dispersed of Israel who are in covenant with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  Here is your chance to help support the land that will one day be your home too!

To help give to support the soldiers defending the Land email mojudica@aol dot com OR call eight one eight 481-905 zero.

Be sure to join us at JUBILEE SUKKOT and LEARN MORE from BRUCE BRILL as he will be a guest speaker.

Also, HELP SUPPORT JEWISH BROTHERS and IDF SOLDIERS when you purchase the beautifully illustrated book: ENTER HIS GATES TO YOUR JEWISH ROOTS!

Enter His Gates Jewish Roots Front

This books is a great primer for you and your family to enjoy or give to family and friends.



How to Minister to Others & Keep Your Relationship with G-d?!

Join the crew as we discuss how one ministers to others full-time or part-time and still keep in sync with the Living God.  This is NOT just for pastors, teachers, radio producers, and other “ministry” persons but for everyone including men, women, children, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, sisters and brothers.  EVERYONE needs to minister to others and, YET, they need to keep in right intimate relationship with and minister to their CREATOR AND receive ministry back from His Spirit/Ruach.

2-Hour Special on Messianic LAMB Radio with Mark David Smith, Nitza Moshe, Gabriel Bartlett, Brooke Lounsbury, David Mathews, Leslie Ann, and Angie Howard


Liposomal Vitamin C for Health!

Join Nitza as she interviews Mark Rasmussen to discuss the health benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C.  What is it and how is it different from regular Vitamin C?  How does it work?  Nitza and Mark share testimonies and discuss its properties.

Liposomal Vitamin C . . .

  • Is micro-encapsulated so it goes past your digestive system into your cells
  • Helps the body uptake iron and reduce medications
  • Chelates Heavy Metals
  • Neutralizes Environmental Toxins
  • Is Used for Brown Recluse Spiders and Snake Venom
  • Is used to flush the lymphatic system
  • Is used for cancer treatment
  • Is anti-toxin
  • Is anti-bacterial
  • Is anti-viral

The book referred to in the interview is Primal Panacea by Thomas Levy –

Mark shares a document on LVC @
For more info and/or how to purchase Liposomal Vitamin C, contact Mark @ 541-813-9426 or
Email: or

Disclaimer:  The host, blogger and guest are not licensed health professionals and the information provided has not been approved by FDA, AMA or other governing authorities.  Consult your licensed health professional if needed.

Disclaimer:  The host and guest are not licensed health professionals and the information provided has not been approved by FDA, AMA or other governing authorities.  Consult your licensed health professional if needed.


Alef Bet Teaching Resources & Preparing for Persecution

Nitza interviews Steven and Franceilia McDonald who were former missionaries in Italy helping to spread the Messianic News!  Steven and Franceilia are VERY BUSY serving the Kingdom of Elohim!  Steven pastors and Franceilia teaches at the new YESHUA BEIT MIDRASH (Messianic Congregation for All Nations) near Crestview, Florida.  Their mission includes a Messianic and Judaica Bookstore along with healthy organic products to nourish the mind, body and soul.  A busy homeschooling mother of six children, Franceilia shares about the book she wrote and released recently, CONTENDING WITH HORSES: Preparing God’s Servants for Survival through Severe Persecution.  She also shares about the Hebrew ALEPH BET LEARNING EASY resources she and her family produced and have available for sale @  Many of the resources are great for children, families and congregations.  There are also songs to help memorize Scripture on CD based on the theme of TRUST (Proverbs 3:5, Psalms 19:14, Trust in the Lord, Hallelu YESHUA, Healing is a Gift from God, Consuming Fire, LORD You are Awesome, Aaronic Blessing).  The book, learning resources and songs are available by contacting Steven or Franceilia @ or 877-995-3472, ext. 2.


Hebrew: The Rainbow Language

Join Nitza as she interviews David Mathews of Manna from Heaven Ministries to discuss his NEWLY RELEASED – HOT OFF THE PRESS book THE RAINBOW LANGUAGE: The Sight, Sound & Color of the Holy Tongue.  Why is learning and speaking HEBREW so important?  How does the DaBaR – the Living Word relate to numbers and words.

For more information on Manna from Heaven Ministries, visit  To purchase the book go to  You may also purchase the book Remnant Remedy @



DNA Etz Yoseph Project: Will It Reveal the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Nitza interviews Dr. Georgina Perdomo to discuss the Etz Yoseph Project which is a growing DNA Bank for those who may be the Lost Tribes of Israel in Diaspora.

What would the ramifications be if the buried bones of Jacob and Joseph were tested for DNA and there was a match or link to the DNA of the Lost Tribes of Israel in Diaspora today?!?!?  Could it be possible to find a physical and scientific link to those in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic faith of today to the patriarchs of Israel?!!  Dr. Perdomo will also discuss the petition that is to be presented to the Israeli authorities during Sukkot 2015 requesting DNA testing from Jacob and Joseph!!!  For more info go to


Dance & Worship for Your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Nitza and Jessica interview Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps to discuss how important dance and worship are to bring healing and restoration for the body, mind and soul.  This show is especially of interest to those who do NOT like praise and worship!  How does worship, praise and dance reflect the condition of your soul and spirit?  Dance and worship facilitates obedience to the commandment to worship YHWH, your Elohim, with all your heart, soul and strength.  Singing and dancing is for warfare to bring healing to the physical body and soul – even to overcome fear!  Dance is a gift from the Bridegroom who wants to dance with His Bride!

This radio show was part of the Rebuilding Ishah Series, Renewing the Mind P33.


Mrs. Noah ~ Part 1

Join Remnant Mamas, Nitza Moshe of www.RemnantRemedy.netand Mrs. Noah as they discuss Torah lessons for children and possible upcoming radio shows to help support parents raising up a REMNANT NATION!

Check out Mrs. Noah’s website and her Torah Tales for Family Bible Study, Stories and More!  There are workbooks for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy to accompany and enhance your family Torah Portions studies!


Mrs. Noah ~ Part 2

Nitza Moshe continues this Part 2 of 3 interview with Mrs. Noah (Anita Cannon-Dalbey) discussing  her Torah Tales story characters, the importance of teaching Torah and Hebrew to our children and about her new interactive learning project, The Yahnomian Project (  Youth who love YHWH and His Kingdom and are lovers of His Truth are eligible and invited to participate in a secret mission to locate and expose the workers of darkness setting out to destroy and deceive the youth of the world.

Check out Mrs. Noah’s website and her Torah Tales for Family Bible Study, Stories and More!  There are workbooks for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy to accompany and enhance your family Torah Portions studies!


Mrs. Noah ~ Part 3

Part 3 of 3 with Nitza interviewing Anita Cannon-Dalbey aka Mrs. Noah.  Learn about this author’s books, SECRET OF THE SEEDS, a children’s story about the 2005 disengagement when families in Gush Katif, Israel were removed from their homes and SECRET SEDER which explores the elements that make up a seder for Passover.

EXCITING NEWS!!!  Pray and consider giving input and support to help start a Mrs. Noah radio program for children!

The 2nd half of this show is a reading dramatization of TORAH TALES (Exodus) On the Road OUT of Egypt (B’Shallach).

Check out the TORAH TALES with one for each of the 5 books of Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy) which can be used with your family or congregation Bible studies @