Part 1: Vibrations of Holiness

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Part 1:  Vibrations of Holiness Series with Nitza and Jessica Fischer. 

“What if we were able to detect kedusha (holiness) with our senses?  How would it change our daily halacha (walk) if we understood the physical mechanisms which influence the rise and fall of our own state of kedusha and our subsequent ability to draw near to the Father Elohim?”

This is a series based on the research assignment Jessica did while taking Joseph Good’s class on the Temple and Kedusha or holiness.  Her paper entitled, THE KEDUSHA – FREQUENCY CONNECTION is covered in this radio series. 


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Vibrations of Holiness

10-Part CD Set ~ Vibrations of Holiness

WATCH this video wherein a Jewish Youth has a near death experience and shares how the smell was amazing in Gan Eden (Paradise) and the Moshiach would know us by our AROMA!